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Ample NeuroNet offers exclusive mining for BNB, BUSD and USDT at the highest annual interest rates on the market. You can earn up to 7.18% rewards every day!

Before I tell you in detail about all the benefits of this platform, I would like to mention the main point - the safety of the investors! Both smart contracts have been audited by the Coinsult company and received the highest safety rating and confirmation that they are free of technical errors. This means that the Ample NeuroNet investors' funds are always protected!

In addition to the management of the project, the developers department, the marketing department and the community managers are now working on the project. In order to show the absolute transparency and reliability of the project, the team has also been tested by KYC, you can find the link on the Ample NeuroNet website! By the way, on the website you can also get acquainted with each member of the team behind this amazing project, learn about their past projects, what motivated them to create Ample NeuroNet, as well as about their favorite activities in their free time!

What is Ample NeuroNet and how does it work?

Ample NeuroNet is the first neural network for DeFi cryptocurrency trading based on NeuroNet GPT! Thanks to the unique GPT-based neural network, this system guarantees the highest fixed annual interest rates! With exclusive mining for BNB, BUSD and USDT, Ample NeuroNet offers its investors a passive stable income of up to 7.18% EVERY DAY!

The innovative neural network is trained to find the most profitable and lucrative trades, while analyzing all possible deals on the DEX exchanges. This allows the platform to eliminate the possibility of human errors and make decisions much faster than any existing trading bots. These are the facts that provide miners the opportunity to increase their income exponentially 24/7!

At the moment Ample Defi NeuroNet is fully trained to trade using the BNB and BUSD mining pools. The investor's income depends on which mining pool he will choose to invest in: BNB miner - 7.18%, BUSD - 5.21% daily!

Ample NeuroNet presents the opportunity to invest in both miners at the same time, thus getting double profit in different tokens! The work on USDT miners continues, and in the near future it will also be available to all the platform users.

Advantages of the Ample NeuroNet platform

Ample NeuroNet has many undeniable benefits that make this platform stand out from the rest! We can confidently state that Ample NeuroNet is the best DeFi solution for a stable passive income 24/7! The platform performs its work very effectively, and a number of advantages contribute to this:

User-friendly interface. The interface will be convenient for both experienced investors and beginners. This is really one of the important aspects, as this factor can often play a major role in the choice of the platform!

Simplicity of investment. In order to receive a passive income, the only thing required from the investor is to make a deposit. The platform will take care of the rest. The neural network itself determines a large number of profitable trading deals and enters them, and also performs its work in a non-stop mode, thereby increasing the investor's deposit 24/7.

Fast and systematic analysis. The Ample NeuroNet system conducts a complete analysis on all DEX exchanges in just a few seconds and finds the most profitable option. This is much faster and better compared to human work.

Referral system. A special two-level referral system has been created to increase the investors' income! Thanks to it, the users can get an additional 5% of the 1st-level referral's deposit and 3% of the 2nd-level referral's deposit.

High stable 2620% APR.

It's very easy to become an investor of Ample NeuroNet and get a high passive income of up to 7.18%!

You need to enter the Dashboard and choose a mining pool for investment (BNB or BUSD). After that, connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet to the platform and make your deposit. Please note that the tokens must be in the Binance Smart Chain network, as our platform works in this very network.

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Disclaimer : There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

Contact Name: David Mitchell


Location: Berlin, Germany

Company : Ample

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